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Driving Growth with Disciplined Creativity and Focused Execution

It Takes More Than a Great Idea to Make a Great Company

How do you build shareholder value? By building a great brand. Your brand is not a logo, or an advertisement. Your brand is a promise that experience will meet expectations. I build brands — and shareholder value — using disciplined creativity and focused execution. Startup or turnaround, the process is the same (turnarounds are just startups that need a fresh start) and typically includes a mix of the following services.

Strategic Planning

Frenzied activity is no substitute for sound strategy. Use market forces analysis to build a 360-degree view of the business.

Measurable Marketing

Exponential growth comes from incremental advances. Measure every activity, no matter how small, and back your winners.

Product Development

Listen to customers. Build solutions to clearly defined problems. Add features and complexity sparingly.

Operations Management

The world has changed. For technology companies, 'doing more with less' is the new normal. Proceed accordingly.

Legal Services

Formation, fundraising, IP protection, HR, sales and partnerships, a fledgling company needs a surprising amount of legal support.

Fundraising Support

Investors are a risk-averse bunch these days. The opportunity had better be compelling, and your pitch rock solid.

Greg Newman catapulted JVC to triple-digit annual growth and #1 CD-R brand in the world.

Richard Young, President, JVC Information Products


Building Companies. Creating Value.

Zadara Storage

Enterprise Data Services

Parsec Automation Corp.

Manufacturing Operations Management


Manufacturing Analytics




Multi-Factor Authentication

Pipit Interactive

Social Commerce


Interactive-Video Fintech


Wireless Beverage Managment

Superconductor Technologies

Cellular Network Performance

Vision Solutions

High-Availability Software


CD-Recording Solutions

Express Response

Automated Customer Support

Greg Newman helped us build Vision Solutions into a world-class company, featured on the ‘D&T Fast 50’ and ‘Inc 500’ lists four years in a row.

Phillip Langford, Vice President, Worldwide Marketing, Vision Solutions

Focus Yields Results

Building valuable brands through focus on fundamentals.

Gregory C. Newman

Happiest When Seeking Elegantly Simple Solutions to Complex Problems

“How do you climb a mountain? One step at a time.”

Launching and growing a technology company is hard work. I should know. From worldwide marketing for a division of JVC, to dozens of startups, for three decades I’ve helped technology companies launch, grow and succeed. Leading teams of professionals — including marketers, attorneys, accountants, designers and engineers — I help founders, directors, and managers refine strategies, craft plans, and carry out the mission of the business.

How, exactly, do I do that? Using disciplined creativity and focused execution. I work best as a strategic partner, and seek engagements that allow me to participate in your success.

In less than a year Greg Newman helped me stabilize a tough turnaround, grow sales, and get acquired — at a 400% increase in enterprise value.

Michael Stephens, President & CEO, Vigilistics

Pick Your Poison

Ready to get started? Choose the service package that best suits your needs, or contact me to discuss a custom program.

  • Project

  • Have a specific project or clearly defined need? Hire me on an hourly basis, or at a flat rate. I am happy to work within any (reasonable) budget and timeline.
  • Ideal for:
  •  Research & Planning
  •  Corporate Formation
  •  Strategy & Analysis
  •  Campaign Creation
  •  Compliance & Audit
  • Get Started
  • Virtual VP

  • Need ongoing support, but not ready for a full-time employee? Hire me as a part-time 'virtual VP' that can make a big difference for a (relatively) small fee.
  • Ideal for:
  •  Business Plan Development
  •  Sales & Marketing Campaigns
  •  Ongoing Legal: IP, Contracts, HR
  •  Investor Outreach & Fundraising
  •  Product Development
  • Get Started
  • Officer

  • Ready to accelerate your startup or turn around your turnaround? Hire me as a full-time corporate officer (preferably C-level), buckle up, and enjoy the ride.
  • Ideal for:
  •  Early-Stage Leadership
  •  Founder Replacement
  •  Operations Management
  •  Transition & Turnaround
  •  Financing & Recapitalization
  • Get Started

Greg Newman helped us connect with senior executives — an audience we had not been able to reach previously — land an order from the world's #1 wireless carrier, and increase our share price by 150% in under ten months.

Michael Williams, Director of Marketing, Superconductor Technologies

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